The Story

Why we do what we do

We are the platform for premium beer, wines and spirits creating great drinking experiences. We do this with passion and confidence powered by our knowledge and expertise, and take great pride in our people and our products. We love that our portfolio ignites social pleasure and great fun bringing people together by enhancing their lifestyles. Here's where you will find us continuing the revolution in pursuit of the perfect premium drinking experience.

A little bit about us

It all began in 2012 with one guy passionate about the unique pleasure of craft beverages. Jason began bootlegging from his garage and at markets in Johannesburg. Fuelled by a rapid groundswell of demand, his distribution services spread across the country like wildfire. 3 years ago we were a team of 3. Today we are a national company of over 50 sales, marketing and merchandising merchants spreading the pleasure of our premium products and delivering the perfect serve at every opportunity.

Three things we believe to be true

ONE ... Our brands will lead in every premium category in the South African market. TWO ... We are uniquely positioned to disrupt and stay relevant in the premium liquor industry. THREE ... We see so many achievable opportunities for our brands in all trade channels .

You've been served

Besides in their purest form, we want to change people’s perceptions of how they experience and enjoy our products. A cocktail isn’t just made with premix syrups. It’s all about the art of balancing sweetness, bitterness and alcohol to delight the senses in the moment no matter what the occasion. We’ll show you how. Check out our perfect serve cocktails.

You just may be the next CLM merchant

Do you have energy? Are you determined? Will you take accountability? Do you value integrity? Do you know how to have fun? Then you might just be our next CLM newbie in the team. Check out the positions available, log your CV and tell us why you want to join our revolution.