2 Men and a Russian Immigrant walk into a Bar…… Enter the Moscow Mule!


2 Men and a Russian Immigrant walk into a Bar…… Enter the Moscow Mule!

Like all classic cocktails, this drink has a great story and it’s origins sound a little something like a riddle ““2 men and a Russian immigrant walk into a bar, the one has vodka that no one is drinking, the other ginger beer that no one is buying and the last, 2000 copper mugs she cant get rid of. What do they invent?” The answer, in case you missed it is the Moscow Mule. The bar strangely enough is nowhere close to Moscow, but rather the Cock ‘n’ Bull in LA, where owner Jack Morgan is listening to John G. Martin complain about the difficulty he’s having in moving his newly acquired Vodka supply. Back then Americans joked that Vodka was Russian for ‘Horrible’ and no one would drink the stuff, similarly, the American palette preferred a sweeter ginger ale over a spicy ginger beer leaving Mr Morgan with a similar problem. In a true case of right place right time Sophie Berezinski walked into the Cock ‘n’ Bull trying (as she had been for months) to sell her copper mugs! With the stars so perfectly aligned, the three strangers concocted a drink that would make cocktail history. So where did the name come from? Well, the best guesses around the internet (We've read them all so you don’t have to) is that the ‘Moscow’ referred to the origins of the Vodka, while the ‘Mule’ referred the spicy kick of the ginger beer. I guess the ‘Moscow Spicy Kick’ just didn’t have the same ring to it!

Skill Level: Easy
Base Spirit: Vodka

1 or 2 Parts Skyy Vodka
Squeeze of Fresh lime
Ginger Beer to Top up - adjust to personal taste
Garnish of Lime Wedge and Mint Sprig

Fill a copper mug with ice, a squeeze of lime and a shot (or two) of Skyy Vodka then simply top up with ginger beer - Strength and sweetness is of course personal so adjust accordingly. Garnish with a lime wedge and a sprig of mint! To put a little CLM twist on the original recipe, we decided to kick it up a notch by using Dragon ginger beer to give our Mule a double kick without all the sweetness! We also believe in the purest of ingredients, so leave the lime cordial out of this one guys and go for fresh limes instead. Are the copper mugs essential? Well...do a dogs lips move when he reads? Outside of pure tradition, there is a little science to the copper mug. Not only does it keep your drink super cold – copper absorbs the coldness from the ice very quickly – but the chemical reaction caused by the lime and ginger beer hitting the copper makes both flavors more pronounced. Looks like we need to add science to our ingredient list!! So, if you’re looking for a drink that you can have 10 of this summer…might we suggest the Moscow Mule. Nostrovia!!!!