The Bluemary G&T


The Bluemary G&T

The Bluemary G&T Blueberries are the perfect all year round fruit, packed full of antioxidants they're almost guaranteed to keep those winter sniffles away when paired with rosemary and honey. That's right, with rosemary's immune boosting properties and honey's powerhouse antioxidants, this pink G&T is pretty much this seasons flu shot.

Skill Level: Easy
Base Spirit: Gin

Inverroche Classic Gin
Fresh Rosemary Leaves
Teaspoon Honey

Start by dropping a few blueberries, rosemary leaves and a teaspoon of honey into your glass. Dash in a couple drops of bitters and muddle together to extract the flavor and color from those blueberry skins. Fill your glass with ice and pour in your gin - We recommend the Inverroche Classic as its green floral notes will pair perfectly with the grassiness of the rosemary and sweetness of the blueberries. Use a stirring spoon to combine all the flavors at the bottom of your glass before filling with tonic. Pop in some whole blueberries and a large sprig of rosemary to garnish, then sit back and feel your body fighting off all those pesky diseases.