The classic Old Fashioned


The classic Old Fashioned

Legend has it (yes legend) that the Old Fashioned was a breakfast drink – those really were the good ol’ days uh? Bourbon whiskey mixed with water, sugar and a couple dashes of bitters was apparently the most important meal of the day back in the 1800's. During prohibition, the drink saw many variations and additives mostly to disguise the terrible taste of the liquor back then. It wasn't until 1881 where the first ‘Old Fashioned’ as we know it was created at a gentleman club in Louisville, Kentucky. The rest, as they say, is history...well, the above was also history I guess but that's enough of that. The drink is traditionally still made exactly the same way, sugar, bitters and bourbon whiskey all stirred over ice and topped with a citrus twist - sometimes a maraschino cherry. Simple, and delicious. We prefer Maple Syrup over sugar for our Old fashioned as it really makes the caramel and toffee notes of Wild Turkey pop. Maple syrup also doesn't harden over ice the way something like honey would so its perfect for cocktails. We also forego the cherry, mostly because we think orange rind is enough fruit for one drink!

Skill Level: Easy
Base Spirit: Whiskey

2 Shots Bourbon
1 Teaspoon Maple Syrup ( or 2 , depending on how sweet you like your drink )
Orange Peel

You want to start by getting your old fashioned glass chilling right from the get-go. The only thing worse than a warm glass is the resulting warm drink. Now grab your stirring glass and drop in a couple sturdy blocks of ice. On top of the ice, throw a teaspoon or 2 of maple syrup, depending on how sweet you like your drink. Now add in a dash or 2 of bitters – this helps balance the drink and give it a depth of flavour. Give those a stir to combine. The final drink will take 2 shots of bourbon, but you want to stir them in one at a time to ensure even mixing. Stirring the drink not only chills it, but also dilutes it, this is where the quality of your ice is important. Regular (homemade) ice will melt fast so don't stir too long as your drink will dilute further in the glass. Grab your Old Fashioned glass and strain out any excess water left behind while chilling. Slowly strain your liquid gold into the glass allowing it to chill further along the way. The final step is perhaps our favourite and can even call for a little theatre. Cut yourself a piece of orange peel avoiding the white bitter part under the skin. Give the peel a good squeeze over the glass allowing all those fragrant oils to settle on top of the drink's surface. These oils will further enhance the citrus aroma in your Wild Turkey Bourbon and hit your nose way before you even taste it. As master distiller Jimmy Russel will tell you "You can smell more flavour than you'll ever taste". To finish off Rub the skin around the rim of the glass and drop it in. Boom! Breakfast is served.