The Sage Of Citrus G&T


The Sage Of Citrus G&T

The Sage Of Citrus G&T The combination of sage and orange is a fail-safe in the kitchen. These sweet and savory flavors pair up perfectly and if they're good enough for Jamie Oliver's famous roast potatoes you better believe they'll kick ass in your G&T. Both sage and orange have anti-aging properties, so really it's like taking a sip from the fountain of youth. We've decided to keep this one a little simple so that the botanicals of the Inverroche Verdant can really shine through. The citrus notes from the orange will pair perfectly with the waxy lemon rind of the verdant while the sage and liquorice can bond over there love for all things bittersweet.

Skill Level: Easy
Base Spirit: Gin

Inverroche Verdant Gin
Fresh Sage
Fresh Orange Thin Sliced

Start off with a dash or two of bitters into your glass to add depth to your drink - bitters is to cocktails what salt and pepper is to food. Now simply pour your gin over ice and top up with tonic. Slap the sage between the palm of your hands to release the oils and drop in with your orange. Stir and serve.